Our teens distribute over 20,000 pounds of donated food 
a month to alleviate hunger and save the environment

"Donate Don't Dump has increased Food Rescue donations by 800,000 pounds, translating into 650,000 meals for the hungry, from our Foodbank" 
                                          ~NCCS Food Bank

 Short-dated & surplus food from grocers, growers, and food companies is diverted to kids and seniors instead of landfills

Over 96 billion pounds of good food is dumped into landfills each year

40% of all food grown goes from farm to landfill

Yet 1 in 4 kids go hungry in the US

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Teens Create Non-Profit Foundation

  • Donate Don't Dump is a teen run organization determined to change the paradigm of commercial food waste in the U.S. and draw attention to the issue of hunger.  After discovering active military families, seniors, and children at charity food distributions a 12 year old was inspired to design this new logo, and with the help of two other teens working on a hunger documentary, they created Donate Don't Dump.  Their mission is to rescue short dated/surplus food, educate, advocate, and get draw public attention to the negative impact rotting food has on the environment. We empower and create opportunities for young people to get involved, engaged, and make a real difference! 
    20 Chapters and over 4,000 members/partners strong.