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Companies that donate  
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  • Look for the Donate Don't Dump logo where you shop.  
  • Support the companies who donate to help the community and the environment 
  • If you don't see the logo where you shop ask why
  • Know a grocer, restaurant, farmer, or food company that donates?  Please tell us about them.  You, the consumer, make the difference.

Albertsons first "Proud Donor" Company

Donate Don't Dump proudly announces Albertsons is our first "Proud Partner" 

Albertsons is the first grocer designated as a "Proud Partner".   With their "Fresh Rescue" program Albertsons has donated over 275,000 pounds of good food this year to Feeding America San Diego and other agencies.  Alberstons has a corporate wide policy to "Donate Don't Dump" edible food, thus doing their part to alleviate hunger and reduce landfill waste. 

Bravo Albertsons!

Good Samaritan Food Donation Act

    The Good Samaritan Food Donation Act is a Federal Law protecting donors from civil and criminal liability if the food product they give causes harm.  Any donor who gives food in good faith without the intention of causing harm is protected under the law.  
    Food producers, grocers, and farmers can donate food products without fear of liability. "Donate Don't Dump" is easy to do, as numerous food banks will pick up your surplus food products at your company's door with refrigerated trucks.  Besides helping the environment and others, you save in dumpster fees, gain tax benefits, and improve employee morale.  Contact us for more information or in San Diego contact Feeding America, The San Diego Food Bank, or North County Food Bank.